Gothic III - Forsaken Gods

Gothic III - Forsaken Gods 2.0

Huge lively environment which reacts to the player’s actions
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Gothic III - Forsaken Gods 1.0 is a software simulation role-playing game add-on program for players of the Gothic 3 fantasy adventure game providing them with a ‘bridge’ continuum from edition 3 to 4 of Gothic. This add-on is rated for Teen to Adult use and presents players with an enhanced interface, updated graphics of outstanding visual quality and up to 20 hours at least, of new game play. Gothic III - Forsaken Gods 1.0 closes many of the questions that arose in Gothic 3 and provides a seamless transition to Gothic 4, as well as providing players with many new adventures. Players continue in the role of the nameless hero portrayed previously and can choose any of the three roles of Wizard, Archer, or Warrior in which they will learn and attain the skills necessary to advance through the levels of the game with help from trainers featured in the game. The nations the Myrtana game world are still enslaved and when the nameless hero returns from exile, having been banished by the Gods, he tries to unite the beings beyond, between, and of the realm, for the sake of good to create a more co-operative empire. To aid players in their quests, Gothic III - Forsaken Gods 1.0 provides a new improved combat system with better navigation and dialogue. Players have a choice of sides to take and realistic environments provide an interactive and beautiful visual experience.

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  • Excellent value for this evolving game


  • Patches required after initial installation
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